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Brief Overview

STIMS Disk Insider is a disk management utility that helps to analyze disk space usage and explore content of your hard disks. This small utility is intended to:
  • Create disk space usage reports;
  • Analyze detailed disk space usage statistics;
  • Build list of statistics files (e.g. "pdf files" or "files, modified today");
  • Save any list or tree view shown on screen to either HTML or TXT format;
  • Compare structure of folders (as tree view or list of changes);
  • Save current state of folder's structure and track changes;
  • Free up disk space;
  • Find duplicate and similar files.
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Application Versions

There are two versions of STIMS Disk Insider utility available - Home and Professional.
Both run on Windows 32 and on Windows 64.

Home version

Click here to download installer for free Home version. The latest version is (release June 28, 2016).

Professional version

Click here to download installer for commercial Professional version. The latest version is (release June 28, 2016).

Please send us your feedback. What kind of disk management functionality should we implement first?
How to make our program better? Any opinions, critics or suggestions are very welcome.

Main window

Disk Insider utility main window

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